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goodtech nation is home to an early-stage ‘Advisor-Investor’ initiative founded by Maher Kaddoura.

Our mission is to support ambitious founders building technologies around Education, Financial Inclusion & the Gig Economy.

advisory approach

Helping founders make most from their daily 86,400 seconds. 

33 focus areas

We spent a lot of time decoding the 'Focus Areas' startups need to 'get there'. We came up with 33 of them to be your field guide. 

the advice

Founders can schedule 90 minutes a month with Maher to share 64 years of collective wisdom on de-risking and avoiding startup mistakes.  

knowledge repository

A set of carefully curated tools, templates and frameworks that bring ideas to market faster and stronger.

selection criteria

Our interests lie within the earliest of startup stages, and our time, effort and resources are therefore

primarily dedicated to working with startups that are pre-revenue, pre-seed, and in many cases pre-everything. 

stage & size

Ideally your first or second check.  Pre-seed or Seed. Ticket size USD 25K - 100K.


'Learn and Earn' space such as Education, Financial Inclusion & the Gig Economy.

We are guided by 9 gates & indicators serving as our selection compass. Founder - startup - advisor - investor fit is our aim from the get-go.

9 gates & indicators

get in touch

If you are a founder in the 'Learn & Earn' space, we would love to hear from you. 

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