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goodtech nation is home to an early-stage ‘Advisor-Investor’ initiative founded by affiliated angel investor, Maher Kaddoura. Our mission is to support ambitious founders building technologies around Education, Financial Inclusion & the Gig Economy.

advisory approach

Through our Network of Advisors, we organized a set of 33 Focus Areas based on Founder's Needs. These cover Strategy, People, Operations, Technology, GTM, & Finance. This helps us hone in on Value-Milestones that are worth the focus. 

investment criteria

Ideally your first or second check. Cash, FAST agreements or both - depending on fit. Pre-Seed or Seed stage with a ticket size anywhere between USD 25K and 100K.

contact us 

If you are a founder or an advisor in the 'Learn & Earn' space, we would love to hear from you. 

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